Gary Patterson   PO Box 1785
Charlottesville, VA 22902-1785
  Phone (804) 977-1652
Fax (804) 977-2036

Objective To obtain a position as a database application developer where my design, organizational, managerial and programming experience can be used for the creation of fast, friendly and attractive online computer solutions.
Work experience 1991 fatpat Software Charlottesville, VA
  Create static and dynamic Internet applications using HTML and Perl. Convert DOS and mainframe applications to Windows using C/C++ and Visual Basic. Build small business applications using Clipper and Visual Basic. Construct Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) for local operators. Supervise sales, accounting, documenting and all aspects of application development including design, coding, distribution and support.
  1996 1997 Solution Software, Inc. Charlottesville, VA
  Programming Manager
  Created Point-of-Sale and other Visual Basic partner applications for the Solomon IV accounting package. Supervised application design, coding, distribution and support.
  1992 1996 Perrin Quarles Associates Charlottesville, VA
  Senior Programmer/Analyst
  Maintained and modified large relational database applications in FoxPro and Visual Basic for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Designed and wrote online BBS database applications. Supervised application coding, distribution and support.
  1987 1991 Radian Corporation Research Triangle Park, NC
  Designed EPA applications in Clipper and Visual Basic to manage and access large relational databases. Wrote system hardware applications to control environmental test equipment. Supervised application design, coding, distribution and support. Conducted training seminars in DOS, Windows, BASIC, xBASE and Lotus 123.
  1983 1986 Chaffey Community College Cucamonga, CA
  Teaching Assistant
  Tutored beginning engineering students in physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. Wrote programs in Assembler and BASIC for interactive demonstration of scientific theory and self-paced learning.
Education 1978 1986  
  •  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, 1978-1979
•  Chaffey Community College, Cucamonga, CA, 1983-1985
•  California Polytechnic at Pomona, Pomona, CA, 1985-1986