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Asbestos Contractor Tracking System - The Asbestos Contractor Tracking System was developed in FoxPro for the EPA. It tracks the permits and reviews of asbestos removal contractors.

National Asbestos Registry System - The National Asbestos Registry System was developed in FoxPro for the EPA. It provides a subset of the Asbestos Contractor Tracking System for quickly evaluating a particular contractor. An HTML Online version is now available.

PC-Continuous Emission Monitoring System - The Personal Computer - Continuous Emission Monitoring System was developed in FoxPro for the EPA. PC-CEMS was designed and developed in 1992 as a DOS-based system to track and evaluate Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Excess Emission Report (EER) data received by air pollution control agencies. PC-CEMS stores information on each CEMS including the unit or emission point at which the CEMS is located, the applicable regulation and standard, and summary EER data for each reporting period. PC-CEMS also allows the user to download and upload reports to the Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS). It provides analysis of the data over time, including analysis and graphic representation of the data and trends and is currently used by five EPA Regional Offices and a number of States as a mechanism for receiving and assessing EER data.


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