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HTML Language Projects

Augusta National - The Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters golf tournament is held every spring. The text and graphics for this site were ripped from espn, masters.org, and cnnsi.

Birdwood Golf Course - The University of Virginia home course in Charlottesville, VA. This course is a real treat. Long and wide open, it's a great challenge and fun to play.

Birthday Greetings - A web page sent by my parents on my birthday. I keep it around because I may use the graphics for something one day.

Blue Ridge Brewery - A redesign of the Blue Ridge Brewery website. They sold out before I had a chance to implement. The new restaurant is called Starr Hill.

Carnoustie Burnside - The Carnoustie Burnside Course. These graphics were at the same internet site as the Carnoustie Championship Course.

Carnoustie Championship - The Carnoustie Championship Course where the British Open is regularly played.

CharlottesvilleVA - A portal for Charlottesville, Virginia. My partner had the website and wanted to sell a simple ad page. I talked her into a full portal.

CMAC Engineering - I play golf with the president of the company. Redesigned their site after a Myrtle Beach golf trip in 1998.

Conley Hills Elementary - A collection of my elementary school pictures. I am trying to find all the student names? Do you know any of these kids?

Gary's Contact List - A list of Gary Patterson's contacts. I am always losing people's address and phone number. This helps me keep everything in one place.

Cub Run Golf Course - A private golf course in McGaheysville, Virginia, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Dan Maples Course - The Dan Maples Course at Sea Trail Plantation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Durty Nellys - The best subs in town are made at Dürty Nellys and the Wayside Deli. Every Tuesday is Tim and Steve night.

Favorite Links - A list of favorite internet links collected over the years. I try to keep them somewhat organized.

Forest Creek Golf Club - A public golf course in Austin, Texas. They have radio communications on their golf carts. They radioed us to bring the cart back after sneaking two extra holes.

Free Hosting Sites - A collection of free hosting sites. Password protected access to Gary Patterson's account information.

Free Internet Service Providers - A list of free internet service providers. You can get free internet access without ad banners!

Fuller Christmas - Dave Fuller's 1998 Christmas card. I formatted the page and cleaned up the photographs.

Greene Hills Club - Greene Hills is a semi-private course in Greene County north of Charlottesville. Some of the best players in the area showup for the Greene Hills mid-week money ball game.

Hancock Municipal Golf Course - Established in 1899, Hancock is the oldest public golf course west of the Mississippi. This nine hole layout has three excellent holes. Perhaps the three best public golf holes in Austin. Number 2 is a dogleg left around trees, over a creek, and up the side of a hill. Number 3 has a vertigo tee shot down and over the creek leaving a short iron to a St. Andrews type green. Number 5 is a narrow uphill hole to what might be the smallest green in the world.

How To - A collection of How To do things. This is the current incarnation of my How To Wipe Your Ass guidebook. I think everyone should be given a guidebook at birth. I mean, did your mother teach you how to wipe your ass?

HTML Help - This is a set of HTML help files that came from some CD or another.

Indian Valley - Indian Valley Golf Course on the Haw River in Burlington, North Carolina.

Jimmy Clay Municipal Golf Course - A well-manicured municipal course in Austin, Texas. It cost me $15.50 to play all day on Sunday. In January. Wearing shorts.

Keswick Club - Keswick Club is a private facility with hotel and golf club. They host a Teardrop tour event every summer.

Lake Winds - Lake Winds is my favorite course in North Carolina. A great layout. Every hole has something to offer. These pictures are not the best. My camera focus was incorrect and they were burning leaves that day. The course deserves better.

Leland Financial - Kent Merritt, the president of Leland Financial, agreed to a four hour project. The output of the project was a hierarchical website outline with online forms and email submission. Information was also provided on internet publishing and search engine registration. Kent Merritt called my work "shit" and refused to pay the invoice. You can read our email messages and see for yourself.

Lions Municipal Golf Couse - One of the oldest municipal golf courses in Austin. I heard that Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite and Mark Brooks played here as kids. Tight and short, the course has some nice holes. Number 16 is famous for taking Ben Hogan for nine strokes.

Meadowcreek - Meadowcreek Golf Course is my local course. The only public course in Charlottesville gets plenty of play. They bought a web site from me, but I don't like the design. I like my simple one much more.

Medinah Country Club No. 3 - The Medinah Country Club No. 3 Course where the 1999 PGA Championship was played.

Mel's Café - My first web page. I learned all about tables during this project.

Morris Williams Municipal Golf Course - A challenging course in Austin, Texas, across from the old airport. The greens are heavily contoured and very fast.

Chesapeake Nature Trail - The Chesapeake Nature Trail is on the road between Charlottesville, VA and Durham, NC. It makes a nice place to stretch your legs. It's only about 20 minutes around the loop and you get to see a bunch of trees.

Nicee's House of Love - Nicee's House of Love collects and distributes money and goods to terminally ill children at local hospitals.

Programmer's File Editor - Programmer's File Editor is a free 32bit editor for Win9x. I couldn't find a copy on the internet the other day, so I put a copy where I could always find it.

Pinehurst No. 2 - The Pinehurst No. 2 course where the 1999 U.S. Open was played.

Quake - I made a list of the Quake levels as I played them. I also included Save Games for each level so that I could go back and replay them with original weapons and health.

Rees Jones Course - The Rees Jones Course at Sea Trail Plantation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Gary's Resume - My resume in MS Word and HTML formats.

Royal Virginia - Royal Virginia Golf Course in Hadensville, Virginia.

Shooters - A collection point for my 3D shooter games. Things like installation instructions, control configuration, and update files.

Stoney Creek - Stoney Creek at Wintergreen is at the bottom of the mountain and has 27 holes of golf.

The Country Club at Brookline - The Country Club at Brookline where America (with Ben Crenshaw as captain) won the 1999 Ryder Cup.

Tintmaster - Tintmaster is operated by my neighbor, Maurice Fuller, and was my second web page. We got the picture from a CD I got in the mail.

Valderrama - Valderrama golf course in Spain that has a very funky 17th hole. They held the 1997 Ryder Cup matches here.

Walnut Creek - Walnut Creek Park is a public park managed by Albemarly county in Virginia. It provides swimming, boating, cycling, and hiking.

Willard Byrd Course - The Willard Byrd Course at Sea Trail Plantation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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