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   On January 21, 1978, the world was blessed with the presence of Shawntina Denise "Nicee" Chambers. Nicee possessed a heart of gold and dedicated her life to reaching her dreams. The dreams she chased ranged from becoming the next Tyra Banks to simply graduating from high school. Unfortunately, Nicee became terminally ill with aplastic anemia in January of 1990, but she continued to chase her dreams. Sadly, the world lost Nicee on May 13, 1998, after a brave eight-year battle with aplastic anemia. Some of her dreams will never get the chance to become a reality, but there is one dream of hers that you can help complete.

   In the months before Nicee passed on, she was in the process of starting a foundation to help the terminally ill children that were in her situation. Nicee knew firsthand how hard it was to spend week after week in a dreary hospital room, and she realized how fortunate she was to be surrounded by loving people who tried to make her hospital visits more comfortable. Several family members and friends did their best to provide her with simple things such as a good movie to watch or some kind of food she was craving. She realized how important these things could be to somebody who is stuck in the hospital. Unfortunately, some of the terminally ill children do not have anybody to provide these small necessities or the families lack the resources to provide for them. Nicee envisioned a foundation that would provide for the needy terminally ill children and their families as they went through their ordeals.

   Nicee's family and friends have picked up where she left off and have founded Nicee's House of Love so that her love will continue to live. The foundation is asking for any donations to help get the foundation rolling. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch at (804) 243-6636. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping the needy children.


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