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VB in 24 Hours
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Visual Basic Projects

Alpha Gamma - A Visual Basic 3.0 small business accounting package for Alpha Gamma in Raleigh, North Carolina. These were guys I knew from Radian. This project was underfunded and never completed.

eZone - A web-based learning center using the Waite Group Press books. It is more accurate and professional than ZDU, but not as broad. It covers simple programming and internet development. However, the course material is accurate and you have online access to knowledgeable teachers. Use eZone if it has the course you need. Only use ZDU as a backup. I took the Visual Basic 5 interactive course ISBN 1-57169-077-8.

Guyan Investment - A Visual Basic 3.0 Solomon IV Rapid Development Toolkit partner application. Interface with the Solomon IV Accounting package to manage accounts in a private investment company.

Merge - A Win95/98 shell extension to merge file(s) from one directory to another. The destination contains the original files plus any new files from the source. Files with the same name are digitally compared. New files with the same name of an existing file are renamed. Merge guarantees that all source files are included in the destination without the loss of any original files.

Music Library - An Access database of my music library. The web page listing is generated by Visual Basic code from the database.

Register Plus - A Visual Basic 3.0 Solomon IV Rapid Development Toolkit partner application. Interface with the Solomon IV Accounting package to manage a point-of-sale system. Controlled cash register, invoice/receipt printer, and nightly modem updates.

UNIPAC - These are the files associated with my school loan. They aren't really a project. I just didn't know where else to put them.

VB in 24 Hours - These are files from my Learning Visual Basic in 24 Hours book.

Video Library - A database of my VHS tapes. There are versions of this program in dBASE III+, Clipper, Visual Basic, and Access.

Webglass - A method for delivering custom advertisement over the internet. The ad page can only be seen through a filtered lens.

Western Albemarle High School - This site contains the lesson plans and exercises for classes taught at Western Albemarle High School.

WinCUBS - A port of the interface for CUBS (Customer Utility Billing System) from DOS to Win95/98. The code was converted from COBOL to Visual Basic.

ZDU - Ziff Davis University (ZDU) is an inexpensive online computer school. They focus on beginning programming. They also teach internet usage and publishing. ZDU does not have a high priority on accuracy. Their tutorials and books are full of errors, but you have access to an online teacher that can help sort things out. Every classroom is monitored by "sysops" like Bob Beck that tell you how to format your messages and what questions you can and cannot ask. BTW, Bob prefers to be called an "administrative class monitor" rather than a "sysop." All this seems a bit immature and intrusive at times, but the price is right and having direct access to an online teacher is very handy.


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