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This HP-15C HighLow Game lets you play x number of rounds of HighLow against the computer. The computer will generate a number between 0 and 999. You have to guess the number. The computer will tell you if your guess is higher or lower than the actual number. Then you generate a number and let the computer try to guess it. You tell the computer if its guess is high or low.

This HP-15C MasterMind Game lets you guess five non-repeating digits in the proper order. The computer generates the five non-repeating digits and then lets you start guessing. You enter five digits and the computer will tell you how many of them are correct and how many are correct AND in the right position. Keep guessing until you get all five digits correct AND in the right position.

This HP-15C HighLow Game was designed to reside in memory with the HP-15C MasterMind Game. Be sure to allocate enough memory for one or both of these games before entering the program instructions. Together, these games use 10 data registers and 208 program instructions. Enter 19 f  DIM (i) to specify 21 data registers and 322 program instructions.

Type g P/R to put the calculator into program mode and type f  PRGM to erase memory. Enter the program into memory by typing all the keys on the HighLow and MasterMind pages. After the program(s) are entered, type g P/R again to put the calculator back in run mode.


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