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Tea Olive
Crab Apple
Golden Bell
Chinese Fir

Hole #14

Chinese Fir
Cunninghamia lanceolata
Par 4, 405 Yards

The only hole on the course without a bunker, this hole features a green that slopes sharply left to right. Following a well-placed drive, the second shot in will usually be a middle iron.

Straight-away hole, with severe green the dominant feature. Ridge at front, with 6-foot depression that must be avoided.

The only hole on the course without a bunker. Straightforward hole until you reach the green. It slopes severely left to right with a 6-foot ridge at the front that must be avoided.

A fairly straight hole with trouble on the putting surface. A large hump runs across the front of the green which is definently three-putt country.

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Jack Nicklaus says: A right-to-left tee shot is imperative. I generally play it with a 3-wood, because a driver will take you through the fairway. If the pin is on the right, I play more to the right-center of the green and let the ball come down the hill on the green; if the pin is back-left you're going to have to shoot back at the left side. If the pin is clear-left, you play underneath the hole. Probably the most severe green on the course to putt, and to play to.

This hole is a sleeper. Many times, you’ll see players come along having scored well through Amen Corner. Then, all of a sudden, they bogey 14 and walk to the 15th tee wondering what happened. A draw is a must off the tee with either a driver or a 3-wood. The two things you must avoid are driving the ball through the fairway and going into the trees on the left. I went left back in 1966 but was lucky enough to run a 3-iron to six feet. The green is probably the toughest on the course because of its severe undulations. You want to make it as easy on yourself as possible, so it’s imperative to use the most lofted club you can for the second shot. The higher you hit your approach—with more action and more spin on it—the better off you are going to be. You also need to hit the ball the exact yardage on that second shot or you could wind up off the green or with a devilish 50-footer. The margin for error here is perhaps the smallest on the course. This is the only hole at Augusta National without a bunker, but the contours of the putting surface more than make up for that missing hazard.

Fuzzy Zoeller says: This hole kind of works away from players. The green is the big thing here, sloping severely from left to right. You need to play your drive left of the hole, leaving a second shot that can be anything from a 5 iron to a pitching wedge. The approach has to avoid a big depression in front of the green.

Tiger Woods says: Swings from right to left. I normally hit 3-wood off the tee. This year, there's a new pin location -- front left. It's one of the most severe greens on the golf course. A good shot can turn into a disastrous shot, just by being a yard or two off-line or the wrong distance.

Fred Couples says: I hit a 3-wood off that tee out to the corner. I think it's one of the easier second shots, except for the front-right pin- and there you try and get past the pin and give yourself a birdie putt.

The other pins, I think, are accessible. The thing there is if you get it in the wrong spot -- and everyone's seen people make putts and miss putts there -- it becomes a harder two putt if you hit a bad 8- or 9-iron. But most times when you're playing well, you'll hit a good shot there.

Bernhard Langer says: I went 3-3-3-3 here back in 1991, which is a Masters record, but those four birdies are deceiving because this is the hardest green on the course. You have to draw the ball off the tee because the fairway is a dogleg left and it slopes to the right. The shot is tricky because if you hook it too much, you'll be in the trees or blocked by overhanging branches. If you don't hook it, you can run into the trees on the right. I hit a driver here, but the big hitters can use 3-wood because it's easier to draw. The second shot is anything from a pitching wedge to a 5-iron. The green, unprotected by bunkers, looks huge but the first 15 yards don't really count because a ball hit short will roll off the putting surface. Due to the green's multiple plateaus, one of the toughest hole locations is front right. Augusta has also created another flagstick location-front-left over the crest-almost on the downslope. Here, the difference between a great shot and a poor one is very small. Often it's only a matter of inches. The ball can take the correct slope and roll up to gimme range or, just as easily, it can run off the green, resulting in a 5 or 6.


Hole #14

Chinese Fir
Cunninghamia lanceolata

The exotic Cunninghamia lanceolata, native to China, is an unusual evergreen. The flowers are inconspicuous green catkins which are followed by an ornamental cone, and the older foliage remains dry and dead on the branches for several years. It is a highly prized tree in China and Japan being very useful for lumber and woodworking.



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