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Tea Olive
Crab Apple
Golden Bell
Chinese Fir

Hole #3

Flowering Peach
Prunus persica
Par 4, 360 Yards

A classic short par 4. Golfers attempt to hit short of the four fairway bunkers resulting in a full club to the green where it is better to be long than short. Green slopes right to left with a thin neck on the left side guarded by a bunker.

Drive is uphill. Second shot is short iron to L-shaped, plateau green.

Drive is uphill, with four bunkers down the left that must be avoided. Tiger Woods has tried to drive the green in the past. Second shot is a wedge to an L-shaped, plateau green, guarded by steep slope at the front.

The shortest par 4 hole with a small L-shaped table-top green that requires the utmost delicacy with the approach shot. The tough pin position is on the left, the arm of the "L."

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Jack Nicklaus says: A position tee shot. I always try to play the ball into the right-center of the green. If the pin is left, then I let it creep left with a little bit of draw; if it's in the back part of the green I just hit it a little bit harder.

This is a position hole. Off the tee, you want to get the ball just to the top of the hill or just short of the top of the hill. A 3-wood or 1-iron puts you in position to play a short-iron second shot that will stop on the green. The margin for error on your approach here is perhaps the slimmest on the course, so accuracy is at a premium. If the flag is on the left, I play my second shot to the middle of the green because the ball will usually run to the left. If the flag is to the right, then I shoot right at it. The obvious danger here is to be short. Short is just not good because its one of the toughest up-and-downs on the course: uphill to a green that can run away from you. The chip shot I holed here in 1998 was the catalyst to my good final round. It was one of those things where you say, Oh my gosh, look what happened! I also remember a birdie here in 1975 that helped get the round back on track because I had bogeyed the first hole. After the first three holes here, you want to be around even par or maybe one under because you are about to face three of the more difficult holes on the first nine. This is another hole where par is definitely a good score.

Fuzzy Zoeller says: It's uphill with a bunker in the driving area. Guys will hit a 1 or 2 iron or 3 wood off the tee. It doesn't pay to hit a driver. You want to be left-center and hit a 5 to 7 iron uphill to the green. It's a L-shapped green, with the toughest pins in the front left or the front right.

Tiger Woods says: If the pin is in the back right, I can hit driver. I've actually driven that green before, as has John Daly and a couple of other longer hitters. The majority of the time I'll hit a 2-iron or 3-iron off the tee and lay back so I'm on the upslope and hit a high, soft spinner. It's probably one of the more penalizing greens because anything short is going to roll back about 40 yards. That's almost a guaranteed bogey. Most of the guys bail out long.

Fred Couples says: It all depends on where the pin is. If it's in what I think is an easy spot, I hit driver, try to get it way down there and have a little sand wedge to the green. And if the pin's up front in tougher spots, I try and hit a 2-iron off the tee so I have a full 9-iron or wedge to the green. It's not a hard hole, but bogeys can happen.

Bernhard Langer says: This is one of the harder holes on the course even though it's only a 1- or 2-iron off the tee for most players and then a 9-iron or wedge. The four fairway bunkers on the left side can come into play because the ball can run into them, even when you're trying to lay up short. You also don't want to go too far right or you'll be blocked by the big pines. But the most challenging element on this hole is its extremely small, elevated green. If you come up short, you're lost altogether because you're left with a very tough shot some 20 feet up the hill. The green also slopes severely from right to left. Its left side is only 11 yards deep, so you don't have much room for error on the approach. And if you play it safe and hit an approach to the right side, you're going to face a difficult downhill putt. This is actually the only three-putt green I had when I won in 1985. In the final round that same year, I also birdied No. 3 after a bogey on the second hole. The flagstick was on the left side that Sunday, and I hit a wedge to about six feet and made the putt. After three holes, par or one under is a very good score.


Hole #3

Flowering Peach
Prunus persica

Prunus persica is native to China. The flowering varieties are cultivars developed for their showy blossoms and not their fruit. The flowers may come in white, pink, red or variegated colors, and usually bloom from mid to late March.



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