Golf and Software Services

Golf - To promote the play of classic forged blades and persimmon woods, we will locate, restore, and fit a set of clubs identified by maker/model/year, professional golfer, or golf tournament. Imagine playing a restored set of Wilson Staff Fluid Feels used by Arnold Palmer to win the 1960 US Open!

Software - We provide tutoring and programming services for the PC. We have extensive programming experience in DOS and Windows scientific analysis, database management, and business accounting. Our software projects include:

  • website construction
  • computer training
  • internet shopping
  • municipal billing and accounting
  • emissions measuring
  • electron orbital graphing
  • bulletin board systems
  • small business accounting
  • point of sale inventory
  • global emissions estimation
  • internet database applications

    fatpat Software · PO Box 1785 · Charlottesville, VA 22902 · (804) 977-1652