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fatpat Golf

108 7th Street NW
PO Box 1785
Charlottesville, VA 22902-1785
(804) 977-1652

Promoting the Play of Forged Irons and Persimmon Woods

To promote the play of forged irons and persimmon woods, we will locate, restore, and fit a set of clubs identified by maker/model/year, professional golfer, or golf tournament. Imagine playing a restored set of Wilson Staff Fluid Feels used by Arnold Palmer to win the 1960 US Open!

We have been in business since 1990 restoring classic forged blades and persimmon woods. Our database lets you select the make/model/year of clubs used by a professional golfer in a particular tournament or year. We can then locate and restore the selected set of clubs to original condition. Our club restoration includes shaft, loft and lie adjustment, scoring lines, finish, decals, and more.


fatpat Software · PO Box 1785 · Charlottesville, VA 22902 · (804) 977-1652