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Personal Projects

Augusta National - The Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters golf tournament is held every spring. The text and graphics for this site were ripped from espn, masters.org, and cnnsi.

Birthday Greetings - A web page sent by my parents on my birthday. I keep it around because I may use the graphics for something one day.

BlackJack - This was my very first computer program. Written in BASIC on the very day I bought my first personal computer - an Atari 800 with cassette recorder.

Carnoustie Burnside - The Carnoustie Burnside Course. These graphics were at the same internet site as the Carnoustie Championship Course.

Carnoustie Championship - The Carnoustie Championship Course where the British Open is regularly played.

Conley Hills Elementary - A collection of my elementary school pictures. I am trying to find all the student names? Do you know any of these kids?

Gary's Contact List - A list of Gary Patterson's contacts. I am always losing people's address and phone number. This helps me keep everything in one place.

Cub Run Golf Course - A private golf course in McGaheysville, Virginia, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Favorite Links - A list of favorite internet links collected over the years. I try to keep them somewhat organized.

Football Pool - An online football pool that requires manual updates. I plan to automate the pool with users and a database.

Free Hosting Sites - A collection of free hosting sites. Password protected access to Gary Patterson's account information.

Free Internet Service Providers - A list of free internet service providers. You can get free internet access without ad banners!

Fuller Christmas - Dave Fuller's 1998 Christmas card. I formatted the page and cleaned up the photographs.

Electron Orbital Graph3D - A BASIC program I wrote for the Atari 800. It displays 3D graphs of the electron orbitals in a Hydrogen atom.

How To - A collection of How To do things. This is the current incarnation of my How To Wipe Your Ass guidebook. I think everyone should be given a guidebook at birth. I mean, did your mother teach you how to wipe your ass?

HP-15C Games - Programs for the HP-15C calculator that play High-Low and MasterMind games against the computer.

Medinah Country Club No. 3 - The Medinah Country Club No. 3 Course where the 1999 PGA Championship was played.

Merge - A Win95/98 shell extension to merge file(s) from one directory to another. The destination contains the original files plus any new files from the source. Files with the same name are digitally compared. New files with the same name of an existing file are renamed. Merge guarantees that all source files are included in the destination without the loss of any original files.

Music Library - An Access database of my music library. The web page listing is generated by Visual Basic code from the database.

Chesapeake Nature Trail - The Chesapeake Nature Trail is on the road between Charlottesville, VA and Durham, NC. It makes a nice place to stretch your legs. It's only about 20 minutes around the loop and you get to see a bunch of trees.

Programmer's File Editor - Programmer's File Editor is a free 32bit editor for Win9x. I couldn't find a copy on the internet the other day, so I put a copy where I could always find it.

Pinehurst No. 2 - The Pinehurst No. 2 course where the 1999 U.S. Open was played.

Quake - I made a list of the Quake levels as I played them. I also included Save Games for each level so that I could go back and replay them with original weapons and health.

Gary's Resume - My resume in MS Word and HTML formats.

Shooters - A collection point for my 3D shooter games. Things like installation instructions, control configuration, and update files.

The Country Club at Brookline - The Country Club at Brookline where America (with Ben Crenshaw as captain) won the 1999 Ryder Cup.

Valderrama - Valderrama golf course in Spain that has a very funky 17th hole. They held the 1997 Ryder Cup matches here.

Video Library - A database of my VHS tapes. There are versions of this program in dBASE III+, Clipper, Visual Basic, and Access.

WAD What - A C program to look inside a DOOM level (WAD file) and report how many weapons, monsters, etc. are included. Calculates a relative difficulty rating based mainly on the number and type of monsters.


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