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Golf Course Website Packages

Package 1: If you are short on money and want to make a web site, just go to one of the golf course example sites listed on the left and steal the code. Download each of the pages to your hard drive and use an editor (Microsoft Notepad works fine) to insert your own pictures, descriptions, yardages, colors, etc. Then, assuming you have an account with an Internet server, use an FTP program to upload (or publish) your new pages to the Internet. You can do all this for free.

Package 2: If you already have pictures and a description of every golf hole, then you can follow the instructions on these pages to automatically create your website. This option costs $99.95 and can be paid online with a credit card. You will receive instructions on publishing your website to a free Internet server.

Package 3: A foursome of our staff will visit your course and play a round of golf. During this round, a digital camera will be used to take a picture of the clubhouse and two pictures of each hole. The foursome will collectively write a description of each hole and how it plays for both the low and high handicappers. This information, and a scorecard, will be used to create a website in our standard format. This option costs $499.95. We will publish your website to a free Internet server.

Package 4: A senior member of our staff will visit your course and generate a preliminary website using Package 3. Using the preliminary website, meetings will then be held to decide what pictures, movies, descriptions, colors, layout, etc. will be used on the website. A professional photographer will plan two or three visits to the course. The photographs will be taken in the morning or evening in order to catch the right light for every shot. Descriptions will be developed in collaboration between our two staffs. This option provides complete control of the website and runs into the thousands of dollars. You will receive a www.golfcourse.com Internet address and registration with online search engines.


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