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1997 Pool

1997 Football Pool

1997 NCAA Bowl Games

Air Force Oregon

Dec 20, 6:00 @Las Vegas (LAS VEGAS BOWL)

Michigan State Washington

Dec 25, 3:30 @Honolulu (ALOHA BOWL)

Marshall Mississippi

Dec 26, 8:00 @Pontiac (MOTOR CITY BOWL)

Arizona New Mexico

Dec 27, 8:00 @Tucson (INSIGHT.COM BOWL)

LSU Notre Dame

Dec 28, 8:00 @Shreveport (INDEPENDENCE BOWL)

Utah State Cincinnati

Dec 29, 3:30 @Boise (HUMANITARIAN BOWL)

Georgia Tech West Virginia

Dec 29, 7:30 @Miami (CARQUEST BOWL)

Missouri Colorado State

Dec 29, 8:00 @San Diego (HOLIDAY BOWL)

Oklahoma State Purdue

Dec 30, 8:00 @San Antonio (ALAMO BOWL)

Arizona State Iowa

Dec 31, 2:00 @El Paso (SUN BOWL)

Pittsburgh Southern Miss

Dec 31, 3:30 @Memphis (LIBERTY BOWL)

Kansas State Syracuse

Dec 31, 7:00 @Tempe (FIESTA BOWL)

Wisconsin Georgia

Jan 1, 11:00 @Tampa (OUTBACK BOWL)

North Carolina Virginia Tech

Jan 1, 12:30 @Jacksonville (GATOR BOWL)

Penn State Florida

Jan 1, 1:00 @Orlando (CITRUS BOWL)

Texas A&M UCLA

Jan 1, 1:30 @Dallas (COTTON BOWL)

Michigan Washington State

Jan 1, 5:00 @Pasadena (ROSE BOWL)

Florida State Ohio State

Jan 1, 8:00 @New Orleans (SUGAR BOWL)

Clemson Auburn

Jan 2, 3:00 @Atlanta (PEACH BOWL)

Nebraska Tennessee

Jan 2, 8:00 @Miami (ORANGE BOWL)

Tiebreak Total Points

Orange Bowl:            Peach Bowl:

Select the winning team in each of the games above. Enter your name (and email address if you wish to receive results) below and submit this sheet by 5:00 PM, December 20th. Late sheets will not be accepted. The winner will be determined first by the total number of wins, second by the total points scored in the Orange Bowl, third by the total points scored in the Peach Bowl, and fourth by random selection.